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In Kitale Kenya, where the orphanage and schools are located, agriculture can be a challenge. Getting water to the fields and crops as well as just purchasing seed and being able to pay workers is the main concern. 

With our Agricultural Projects we teach the farm workers how to build self-reliant and self feeding pumps that use gravity for power rather than needing an electrical source and provide the initial equipment to get this started. We also provide the first two years worth of seeds, fruit trees, and other seedlings. After two years the property will be self sustainable, feed the schools and orphanage, and provide employement year round. 

Finally, the profits from the crop sales are reinvested back into the community, helping to fund the orphanage and school. We are committed to helping the local farmers in Kitale Kenya, and are proud to be part of their success.

We can do this because of donors like you!

Agricultural Project

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