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Tabibu Africa Corrie Goodier Medical Aid


Tabibu Africa, Inc runs on a strict volunteer basis. We have no paid employees, members, or directors. Every aspect of our organization can only function through donations and volunteers. We always need volunteers to help with putting together education material, medical clinic packs, small business kits, and other hands on and very crucial work. If you're interested in helping in this area please email us at:   or

We also deliver our work by traveling to areas in East Africa twice year (or more as funding permits). We run medical clinics, hold education classes, hold numerous workshops, agriculture assistance and aid in other grants. We do this by taking a group of volunteers to the areas we serve. We spend approximately 2 -  1/2 weeks in and around the sustainable areas that need assistance the most. Volunteers work very hard in medical, education, small business training, sanitation and agriculture.
Team members are rewarded with cultural experiences on their days off as well as a 3-day safari at the end of our work so they can experience Africa and what makes it our home. We all work very hard, but our volunteers always leave with a lifetime of memories and a truly life changing experience.
The cost per person is $4500 USD which includes: roundtrip airfare from the United States/Canada, food, water, lodging, bedding, mosquito nets, transportation, guides, needed medical and workshop materials, cultural experiences, 3-day safari. This does not include the price for your Kenyan visa which runs around $55 USD - we will walk you through this process. 

Before you apply to volunteer for an expedition, please make sure you look over the following information before you make your decision to apply:

  • We travel to developing/third world countries. More often than not we do not have running water or electricity.

  • Occasionally we must travel 6+ hours via automobile to get to the areas we serve. Our air travel can also take 24+ hours in each direction. If you can't sit or stand for long periods of time you might want to rethink applying.

  • Conditions can be physically draining; dirty, dusty, hot, cold, loud, and smelly.

  • Conditions can by emotionally draining; you'll see suffering, despair, death, illness, and frustration.

  • Occasionally we must walk into certain area's so if you are not able to walk one mile on uneven ground, applying for an expedition may not be for you.

  • We live in close quarters during the time of our expedition. If you don't work well with people, roommates, or get frustrated easily these expeditions may not be for you.

  • If you are picky about food this trip may not be for you.

  • We have a no drug policy, no exceptions. (if you have prescribed medications that is okay)

  • If you're totally okay with the above criteria and if you're ready to witness miracles, true compassion, and experiences of a lifetime then applying for an expedition may be for you!
    Applications are not being accepted at this time

100 percent of your donation goes towards programs in East Africa. We accomplish this by focusing on self reliance and giving others the opportunity to volunteer.
Tabibu Africa, Inc can only function because of your donations.


Tabibu Africa is always looking for opportunities to connect with Corporate & small business supporters, . donated grants, or employee giving program, we'll help you make the best of it. If you're interested in providing support please request information here:

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