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We provide empowerment courses for girls in primary and secondary school as well as for women and mothers.

We have found that a simple course designed just for girls and women is all it takes for them to push hard to get through school or to start their own businesses. In our areas of focus we have seen dramatic increase of secondary school graduation, college entrance, and small business startups by girls and women.



Female empowerment workshops


Male, boys to men workshops


We can't just go to our areas of focus and only offer workshop courses for females, we must back it up with a male support course. We have found that due to disease, war, and other conflicts many generations have grown up without a male role model. We aim to close that gap by connecting elders with groups of younger boys and young men so that they can learn; work ethic, how to treat women, moral and ethics, and how to be a role model themselves. We also show that it's important for them to support and strengthen their other half, women. To create bridges.


Tabibu Africa, Inc has found that the root of most medical and social issues is the lack of proper sanitation and hygiene resources.
Tabibu Africa provides sanitation & hygiene education and workshops. Depending on sustainability we aid in building water filtration units as well as proper waste disposal.


Sanitation and Hygiene Education and support

Medical Aid

Along with sanitation & hygiene workshops we also provide basic medical services. Tabibu Africa, Inc strongly believe that we can't properly provide aid with just one project because it's not sustainable. Empowerment, sanitation & hygiene, and medical aid together makes a long lasting, sustainable, difference.


Medical humanitari aid



Along with the other projects, agriculture is just as important. Education, medical care, and empowerment isn't too important if you don't have the basic needs of nourishment met. Tabibu Africa, Inc supports the areas we serve by providing assistance purchasing fruit trees, seeds for crops, and irrigation problem solving. 

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