Medical Aid for Elias

Elias is an eight year old student living in Kitale Kenya who has been suffering from critical osteomyelitis for two years. Without surgical, medical, and physical therapy intervention Elias will lose his lower leg.

Elias has already had two surgery's but he will need more as well as pharmaceutical and physical therapy. So far his treatment has cost over $3000.00 U.S. Dollars and we know this amount will likely grow. 

All, every cent, of funds given for Elias will be put into a fund just for his medical treatment and nothing else. Please help Elias get the treatment he needs so he can keep his lower leg, gain strength, and get back to class so he has the chance to reach his goals and dreams.

Click here to directly donate to Elias' medical fund.

Warning; some photo's may be graphic


Graphic photo:
Elias' lower leg before treatment

Elias in radiology

Elias radiology

Elias after first surgery